Feedback for Bersabeh

Libby Thompson

  1. Aesthetic relates well to content/vibe of the show
  2. Imagery and design support the text (but low contrast between the text and the image)
  3. Aesthetic is pretty consistent (maybe change middle image if there’s one of him eating with a pink sky behind him//it’s also the only one with Cartoon Network logo on it)
  4. Not super legible (try bumping up line weight and/or adding a text shadow) (also text comes a little close for comfort to the margins)
  5. I think type size is good and type face is as well but need heavier line weight/maybe different color/more intentional placement of text within image to make it more legible
  6. Also look at image quality, I think its gonna look pixelated at the larger sizes as it seems to be on the edge of pixilation already at these sizes
  1. Image seems to more of a priority than quote at the moment
    1. Switch this hierarchy
  2. Design seems to accommodate browser variability fairly well
  1. Just make sure that youre maintaining a high level of contrast between image and text as the text moves through the image with the size changes
  2. All seems super feasible I think you can do this for sure!